Yiaskouris Winery

The Yiaskouri family tradition in the production of quality wine goes back to early last century. The grandfather Stylianos Yiaskouris, with the means of his time, produced wine, loaded his donkeys and initiated his journey to Limassol.

The vineyards, located on the slopes of Pachna Village, where the climate is ideal for viniculture is a heritage now for the son Damiano Yiaskouris. Taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the technology and the scientific instruments succeeds to produce quality grapes, which is the key ingredient in the good wine making.

In the ‘70’s he expands his grape cultivation with foreign varieties. Furthermore in 1980, during the ‘Wine Festival’ he receives the First and Second Award in the competition for ‘Village Wine’, something that continued over the next three years.

The story of success though lingers on with the fabrication of bottled wine. Later on with his sons, Christaki and Doro establish the family winery in Pachna Village well equipped with modern vinification under controlled hygienic conditions. The accumulated experience and knowledge passed on from generation to generation, in combination with the love for fine wine, allowed the manufacture of the modern wine series of Yiaskouris Winery.