The winery

Our winery is found in the village of Pachna, the largest village in the “Krasohoria” (wine villages) region, 35 km from Limassol and 120 km from Nicosia.  Wine making has been a family business for nearly a century and years 1982 and 1997 are milestone periods for the winery.  In 1982 modern technology was incorporated in wine making and in 1997 the operations moved from the small family house unit to the current modern building, positioned in the heart of the vineyards and capable of producing around 130.000 bottles annually. An expansion plan was completed in 2017,  that includes modern elegant wine tasting facilities with a cheese and wine area in an impressive view and extra space for a small museum that presents the traditional wine making practices of the region.

Wine tastings as well as cultural events or visits to our winery are made by appointment only.


The vines

Apart from owning one of the island’s perfectly equipped wineries, which boasts a vacuum press, stainless steel vats, underground cellars etc., we have one of the largest vineyards owned by small regional wineries. A total area of 12 hectares of grapevines provides the winery with 90% of its raw material offering an important competitive advantage. It is well known among people who are systematically involved in matters of Cyprus wine that we are among those few who, right from the start, realized that, unless a winery had its own vineyards, it would be impossible to produce high quality wine that would not vary – significantly – from year to year. It is not surprising that we are still striving to grow more vine-plants in the Pahna region, which is ideal for vine growing.  The balance of grape supplies is bought from partner grape growers in the nearby village of Omodos.



We are offering eight labels under the Protected Geographical Indication Lemesos which are consistently distinguished in the International Wine and Distillation Competition of Thessaloniki and in the Cyprus Wine Competition. What distinguishes however our winery from others is that extra dedication to the Shiraz variety and the experience developed over time in working with this variety. We are among the first Cypriot winemakers who gave serious attention to Shiraz, making the variety known to the wider public and revealing the immense potential of this multi dynamic grape which has adapted beautifully to the xerothermic climate of the island.

Our company distributes its products to the catering sector, in a number of hotels, taverns and restaurants and in selected supermarket chains and wine shops.  Regular exports are destined to the Chinese and US market.